In 8 months (January – August 2017) I lost 50 pounds of fat and gained 15 pounds of muscle. Not bad for a 51 year old man … and I did it all without gym memberships or personal trainers or fancy fad diets or paid help of any kind. If I can do it, you can too!! 

If you want to get fit, lose weight, add muscle and feel and look great – Bog’s Blog can help.

50FIT500 (Bog’s Blog) is not designed or intended to be glamorous or brief. This blog is definitely NOT for people with short attention spans. This blog has been designed with a focus on QUALITY AND DETAILED INFORMATION & EDUCATION. I.e. for people who truly want to understand nutrition (diet), exercise and fitness.

All the information here, including workout plans, nutrition details and more is offered FREE to anyone interested. We welcome and encourage donations from those who appreciate the content here and find it helpful. We only use PayPal for donations and it is fast, easy and totally secure!

There are TONS of resources on the web for people wanting to get fit and lose weight, but very few (if any) are simple but detailed, direct, easy to understand and actually work. This is a no “BS” straightforward blog / site where details of my proven and successful, grounded in science approach will be provided. On this blog you will find step by step instructions to get you on track with proper nutrition (diet) and a realistic exercise strategy that involves no tricks, gimmicks or short cuts. None of these quick and easy ways to lose weight and get fit work anyway – but they will waste your time and money – Bog’s Blog will not. Links to resources I have found useful are provided as well.

If you want to learn the details of my story, including exactly how I lost so much weight in a totally safe and healthy manner, and drastically changed the shape of my body in 8 months (see photos above) … And if you would like to learn what the heck 50FIT500 is all about … Then I cordially invite you to read on and start on your path to success!


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