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Starting out, it was enough of a project for me (Mark Bogner) just to get this blog rolling. My reasons and motivations are discussed here. Longer term, it is my hope that the 50FIT500 blog will take on something of a life of its own – with postings and information provided by many other contributors. Furthermore, I would love to see this become a “family project.” I have many close friends and family members who are quite knowledgeable about nutrition and fitness. I would also like to see this blog become a “go to reference tool” for other health care providers – perhaps for themselves personally if needed – but even more so as a straight shooting and easy to follow “place” they can send patients who really want to pursue a healthier lifestyle, lose weight and increase fitness.

There is a TON of information and tools and resources on the web regarding fitness and nutrition and healthy living in all its many forms. Almost to the point that it is overwhelming. I think many give up on trying to figure things out on their own and go with various “pre-packaged” diets and workouts designed for others. As far as I can tell there are few “simple and direct” resources (like this blog is attempting to be) where a person can go and learn in a few short hours how to put together a customized, realistic and highly likely to succeed plan that will results in lasting weight loss and overall fitness.

Everything here is freely offered to all.  Of course, we would greatly appreciate DONATIONS should you find this blog and the information here to be useful to you or others you know and care about. There are many expenses other than time in maintaining this blog. More importantly, we would like to have the resources to expand services in the future. Your $1 or $2 donation WILL make a difference – and everything is fast, safe and secure via PayPal.

Here are just a few ideas for future expansion and services:

  1. Life Coaching Services. Likely offered via secure link chat or email – or via video chat with commercially available tools (i.e. smart phones).
  2. Online Personal Trainers. We would contract with people and build a system that would facilitate getting blog members / readers connected with a personal trainer they can relate to and then schedule to work with consistently and remotely, again via video chat – i.e. perhaps using existing smart phone apps and technology. The trainers would work as “contractors” with 50FIT500 and ideally we could get to the point of offering 24/7/365 service. Obviously the technical expertise and equipment expense to accomplish this would be an investment. Furthermore it would take dedicated staff to make scheduling & payment smooth, ensure good communication methodology, etc.
  3. Member requests? I expect blog readers and members may come up with some great ideas and requests for content and tools down the road. It would be nice to have the resources to provide the services and information blog readers / members most want as things evolve.
  4. Significant expansion of our sections on nutrition. This could include tools to share healthy meal ideas and recipes, detailed plans for an entire week or month’s worth of meals including grocery lists. Perhaps even online links / tools to obtain the needed groceries from the comfort of your home via computer (hey, Amazon bought Whole Foods, who knows what will be possible with this in a few years).
  5. Develop a blog section with a focus on younger people – written and monitored by younger people (teens, twenty somethings, thirty somethings, etc.)


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