50FIT500.com “Bog’s Blog” Is Also a Book!

Are you the type of person that would rather “read a book” than click through a blog or website, deal with online ads, etc?

If so, you will be happy to learn that everything on this blog is available in “book” format!

If you want a printable book, or one you can read on any computer (almost any device actually) – then download the PDF version here. It is about 44 pages long – so if you print it out using duplex (double sided printing) you can easily staple the pages and take the “book” with you anywhere and read at your leisure.

Note that the PDF version looks better than the ePub and is great for reading on “full size” tablets and on computers. Not so much on smaller screens.

If you prefer reading “books” on your smart phone or tablet – then download the ePub formatted book directly from your smartphone or tablet here. You should have the option to “open” the book in your built in reader (i.e. iBooks on Apple iPhone & iPads) simply by clicking the link to the ePub book from the device’s browser.


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