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Outstanding Scientific American Article that explains why people cannot lose weight by exercise alone – even frequent and intense exercise. The article also explains why proper nutrition is the real key to weight loss.

Online too to calculate your BMR = Basal Metabolic Rate = number of calories you burn daily just by being alive.

Inexpensive but accurate caliper – one tool you will need for accurately measuring body fat percentage (on Amazon).  There are many websites you can find quickly via Google that will teach you more about measuring body fat percentage (BF%).  One good one that discusses in detail the how and why of measuring BF% as well as limitations of BMI as a tool is here.  However, I recommend using an “app” on your smartphone to calculate your BF% from caliper measurements once you learn how.  This way you can keep the data records on your phone.  This is the app I use to calculate and track body fat percentage.  There are many such apps out there. You might have to play with them to find one you like if you are a Droid person – I am in iPhone guy.

The best “protein supplement” for muscle mass building based on my reading. This is purely my “educated opinion.” Invigor8. This protein supplement is quite expensive. I take it only on hard work out days (weight training days). It seems to help with recovery time and perhaps a little with building lean muscle.

Yeti Rambler 30 oz “travel cup.” This giant insulated mug is perfect for filling with good water and makes it easy to keep track of how much you drink in a day. I use this only when at home and off work – and drink 3-4 full Yeti cups (i.e. 90-120 oz / day) of water daily.

A great list of “ten best foods” for mind and body.

Outstanding and scientifically grounded website by a true expert focused on good nutrition.

As I state repeatedly on the blog – I am NOT a fan of the “BMI” (Body Mass Index) as a tool for monitoring health, weight, etc. It is useful to healthcare providers in some specific settings, but much less useful for most people as a fitness monitoring tool, particularly when actively attempting to lose weight and increase fitness. It also calculates anyone who is quite muscular as “obese” or even “morbidly obese.” Anyway, a newer and better version of the “BMI” can be found here – and if you want to track your BMI I recommend using this site.

Target Heart Rate Online Calculator – Shoot for 80% of maximum for your age – unless you have limiting medical conditions (if so, talk to your physician about this).

Weight Watchers (WW) is my personal favorite among healthy weight loss nutrition strategies. It is particularly useful early in your journey (at least the first six months of your plan). WW has consistently proven to be one of the most effective “diet strategies” among all those out there – year after year. The program’s principles are grounded in science and part of the WW program goal is to encourage life long healthier eating habits.

My Fitness Pal is another great tool for tracking food (calorie) intake. I use this now as I am near my goals and have already switched to very healthy eating habits thanks to Weight Watchers – which I used for eight months.  My Fitness Pal is best (my opinion) for people who are already pretty fit and do not have much weight to lose (i.e. less than 20 pounds or so).

Use the right tools …  My strength training workout strategies all focus on core strength while working major muscle groups.  Recommended equipment:

  • Power Tubes & Bands. I prefer GoFit Power Tubes – they are the best ones I have tried.
  • Adjustable & Fixed Weight Dumbbells. I like the Yes4All brand for adjustable dumbbells. They are good quality and cost effective. Sometimes you can get these cheaper on Amazon. The fixed weight dumbbells shown in 50FIT500 videos can be purchased just about anywhere – online, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Walmart, etc.

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