Mark’s Progress Photos

“A picture is worth a thousand words”   English Language Idiom

Here you can see my progress in pictorial form. I wish I would have taken monthly progress photos and started measuring true body fat percentage from day one.  As I discuss elsewhere on the blog – I HIGHLY recommend measuring your body fat percentage regularly. Just measuring your weight is not enough!! I personally think BMI is a useless tool for most people (also discussed elsewhere in detail).  Sometimes I thought I was on a plateau (i.e. not losing much or any weight despite sticking to my diet and exercise plan) – only to find I had lost 2-3 lbs of fat but gained the same in muscle.

Anyway, nobody likes taking these pictures.  Who wants to be photographed when you feel lousy about how you look? Even so, I cannot over-stress how incredibly important it is to do this. Your progress photos will provide you with endless motivation (once you show some real progress) during those inevitable “down days” and they also will help you to power through plateaus.  Trust me – just take the darn photos!  You don’t have to show them to anyone, ever, if you don’t want to.

Progress Pics Collage


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